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Urania Berlin, June 6-7, 2011


Speaker Presentation title Link to slides
Stanislaw Osinski Solr Clustering Documentation
Doug Cutting Keynote Slides
Ted Dunning Keynote Slides
Andrzej Bialecki Distributed search of heterogeneous collections with Solr Slides
Nick Burch The other Apache Big Data Technologies Slides
Steven Noels From content storage to scaling smart data Slides
JD The multiple uses of HBase Slides
Stefan Groschupf Hadoop - a reality check Slides
Chris Wensel Common Hadoop patterns Slides
Daniel Trümper ZeroMQ patterns Slides
Sylvain Lebrense Distributed Counters Slides
Isabel Drost, Simon Willnauer Goodbye Buzzwords Slides
Kai Voigt Hadoop Introduction Slides
Eric Barton Lightning Talk Slides
Isabel Drost, Simon Willnauer Hello Buzzwords Slides
Chris Male Integrating Solr in JEE Applications Slides
Alvaro Videla Messaging Patterns with RabbitMQ Slides
Daniel Einspanjer Mozilla metrics Slides
Rod Cope Scaling Big Data Search with Solr and HBase Slides
Sean Cribbs Wrap your SQL head around Riak and Map Reduce Slides
Otis Gospodnetic Search Analytics Slides
Shevek Time Series Analysis Slides
Mark Miller Solr Peak Performance Slides
Thomas Koch Zookeeper - the unsung hero Slides
Matthias Wessendorf Websockets Slides
Felix Geisendörfer Node.js for heavy I/O Link
Mathias Meyer NoSQL: Past, Present, and Future Link
Mathias Stearn Scaling with MongoDB Link
Jakob Homan Kafka - Bringing reliable stream processing to a confusing, dark world Link
Uwe Schindler Heavy Committing: Flexible Indexing in Lucene 4.0 Slides Soundtrack
Jim Webber Oh Leonhard, Where art thou? Slides
Friso van Vollenhoven Analyzing the internet in real-time using Hadoop and HBase Slides
Simon Willnauer Heavy Committing: Lucene DocValues aka. Column Stride Fields Slides
Jonathan Gray Realtime Big Data at Facebook with Hadoop and HBase Link
Devaraj Das Making Hadoop Secure Slides
Dawid Weiss Finite state automata in Lucene, theory and applications Slides
Dale Harvey CouchDB + Membase = CouchBase Slides
Julien Nioche Web Scale Crawling with Apache Nutch
Eric Evans NoSQL yes, but YesCQL, no? Slides
Shay Banon ElasticSearch - A Distributed Search Engine Slides
Michael Wallace Landslides, Couches and Particle Physicists Slides
Joseph Turian Newer Developments in Large Data Techniques Slides
Lukáš Vlček Building search app for public mail lists in 15 minutes with ElasticSearch Slides
Nuno Job ACID Transactions at the PB Scale with MarkLogic Server Slides
Hannes Kruppa Improving Search Ranking Through A/B Tests: A Case Study Slides
Tim Lossen Redis to the Rescue Slides
Frank Scholten Composing Mahout clustering jobs Slides
Christoph Goller Improve Relevance by Using Morphology and Named Entity Recognition Slides
Tim Angelade Failure after Failure: Building BigCouch, Block by Block (or: “Putting the C back in CouchDB”) Slides
Stanislaw Osinski Clustering and visualization of Solr search results Slides
Ryan Betts VoltDB – In-memory SQL Database for High Throughput Applications Slides
Siem Vaessen Digitised Dutch Cultural Heritage, Mahout and Hadoop Slides
Alexandre Margaut Wakanda Project Slides
ThatTommyHall Creating a Flume Firehose with ZeroMQ Slides