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Urania Berlin, June 6-7, 2011


Berlin Buzzwords features a number of in-depth technical Hackathons specially organised for our attendees. Access to Hackathons is free (as in free beer) - however do not forget to bring your Berlin Buzzwords batch otherwise you won't be admitted.

List of proposed hackathons / workshops:

  • 4./5. June 2011: Movie Hackday - A full weekend to explore and to create new recommender systems or cool information visualization applications. This time with the focus on movie data.
  • 8 June 2011 VoltDB Workshop Get together at Betahaus for a VoltDB hands on workshop. email for more details.
  • 8./9. June 2011: Semantic / NLP Hackathon - develop and improve semantic web technologies.
  • 8. June 2011: Messaging and WebSocket - Talk about Messaging (JMS) and WebSocket. Shows how to get JMS applications to the browser, by using WebSocket
  • 8. June 2011: HBase Hackathon - Talk about HBase, learn about its architecture, hack on specific issues with the committers, kickstart your project contributions.
  • 8./9./(10.) June 11: Stratosphere Hackathon - get your hands on Stratosphere, a parallel data analysis system.
  • 8./9. June 2011: Cassandra Hackathon - All you ever wanted to know about Cassandra, and more. Join us to learn, hack, explore and interact with Cassandra committers and other Cassandra users.
  • 9 June 2011 Hadoop Hackathon Get together with Hadoop committers and users.

To ease capacity planning please register for the workshops separately so organisers know how many people to expect. If you have not registered there is no guarantee that you will be let in on the workshop day.