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Urania Berlin, June 6-7, 2011


Berlin Buzzwords is a conference on scalable search, data processing and NoSQL databases. It is co-organised by newthinking communications, Jan Lehnardt, Simon Willnauer and Isabel Drost.

Press requests

If you would like to know more on Berlin Buzzwords, receive press releases and announcements, please contact us online. If you are interested in attending the conference to learn more on current scalability topics and would later publish on the event, please contact us - we do have a contingent of free tickets available.

M | presse[at]
T | +49.30.921 0596
F | +49.30.69 20 33 799

A list of articles in various blogs, user groups and IT magazines can be found in our press review blog post.

Ticket questions

If you have questions on special ticket packages, would like to know more on what a ticket includes or have any other questions please contact us online.

M | tickets[at]

General information

For general questions on the conference please contact us. You can also reach us online as well as by phone and fax:

M | info[at]
T | +49.30.921 0596
F | +49.30.69 20 33 799

Connect with Buzzwords

If you would like to connect with Berlin Buzzwords and stay up to date, we are now available on several social networks: Join our Berlin Buzzwords Facebook group to get in touch with speakers and other attendees. Follow us on Twitter to get informed about updates and news. If you like, you can also join our local Xing group or our LinkedIn Group and participate in discussions on scalable data processing, search and NoSQL databases. To shorten the time until June, we will include notifications on a few related events in Berlin that might be of interest to Berlin Buzzwords attendees as well.