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Urania Berlin, June 6-7, 2011

Submissions closed - some statistics

As of today the call for presentations for Berlin Buzzwords is closed. We received nearly 100 submissions this year and are now busy reading, rating and ranking the proposals. Judging from a first scan there are many awesome submissions of technical presentations so it will be extremely easy to provide a great schedule but also extremely hard to make a selection.

We will start publishing more details on accepted speakers in the next few weeks. Until then we have prepared some initial glimpse at the talks waiting for you that we would like to share with you.

CfP Contest: Extended deadline

We are amazed by how many submissions we received until today. We got way more submissions than at Berlin Buzzwords 2010. It is great to see so much interest in the topics of storing, analysing and searching data. Now we are in the happy position to have to come up with a way to squeeze as much great content into two days as will reasonably fit.

Updated deadline: Sunday, March 6th at midnight MST

Children welcome

We have been informed that several potential attendees of Berlin Buzzwords are parents. For those of you who are travelling from further away we'd like to make it as easy as possible to spend a little more time in Berlin together with your whole family.

One idea we had was providing day care facilities for children. However before going into any planning details we'd like to ask you if you'd be interested at all - and which offers would make such a package most helpful for you. Please fill out the form below to give us some more feedback.

One big family

At its very heart Berlin Buzzwords is a community organised conference - made by developers for developers. Being one large community we would love to make you feel as comfortable as possible. Especially when travelling from abroad it is stressful to fly in the day before the conference starts and fly out one day later. We would love to make it easier for you to spend some more time in the interesting city of Berlin by offering a special spouse package ticket.

Apache Lucene Meetups in Munich and Frankfurt

Apache Lucene and Solr are projects that are actively used and developed around the world. Getting together in person locally is a great way to build community. On distributed projects, though, reaching out to local communities can be a bit of a challenge. Recently Michael Bohlig from Lucid Imagination approached the Berlin Buzzwords team about helping out with their German "Solr Summit" meetups, and we are happy to help get the word out on our blog.

Announcing our keynote speakers

We are both - very happy and proud to introduce the Berlin Buzzwords keynote speakers to you today. Being focussed on scalable search-, data analysis- and storage systems it is a great honor to have two very influential developers and project leads on our speakers' list:

Ted Dunning is the Chief Application Architect at MapR Technologies. Prior to MapR, he was Senior Technology Advisor at DeepDyve, chief architect behind the MusicMatch, (now Yahoo Music) management and recommendation system. Ted is actively contributing to several Apache open source projects, including Hadoop and Mahout.

Shiny new Twitter handle #berlinbuzzwords

I am glad to inform you that Berllin Buzzwords finally has a shiny new Twitter handle that matches our name. Now also our Twitter feed should be easy to find for guests and is consistent with out site.

There is no need for you to change your followers' settings as we have simply given the existing account a new nick name. Thanks to #klimpong for pointing out this possibility.

Tickets are available

I am happy to let you know that Ticket sales started this week. First Early Bird tickets are out already - don't wait too long to register to get a discounted ticket.

Looks like this year we are a bit ahead of schedule: Site is all new, up and running. Call for papers is out, first submissions are in already - Thanks to those who have sent in their ideas already. Looking forward to getting even more interesting proposals.

Call for Presentations

This is to announce the Berlin Buzzwords 2011. The second edition of the successful conference on scalable and open search, data processing and data storage in Germany, taking place in Berlin.

Call for Presentations Berlin Buzzwords
Berlin Buzzwords 2011 - Search, Store, Scale
6/7 June 2011

The event will comprise presentations on scalable data processing. We invite you to submit talks on the topics:

Venue for Berlin Buzzwords 2011

Berlin Buzzwords 2011 is going to take place in Urania Berlin. Founded in 1888, Urania is a an event and science centre where news from different domains like the natural sciences and the humanities are presented to the public. As such it is a natural fit for Berlin Buzzwords, a conference that has the goal of bringing together developers, scientists, and analysts working on innovative technologies for storing, analysing and searching today's massive amounts of digital data.
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