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Urania Berlin, June 6-7, 2011

Joseph Turian

Joseph Turian, Ph.D., heads MetaOptimize LLC, which consults
on data monetization, including predictive analytics, business
intelligence, data mining, NLP, ML. He also run the MetaOptimize Q&A
site (, where Machine Learning and Natural
Language Processing experts share their knowledge.

Joseph Turian specializes in data problems that are large scale, and
require well-engineered solutions. He has almost a decade of experience
in ML+NLP, and almost two decades of experience in coding.

Joseph Turian holds a Ph.D. in computer science (with a focus on Machine
Learning and Natural Language Processing) from New York University since
2007. During his graduate studies, he developed a fast, large-scale
machine learning method for parsing natural language. He received his
AB from Harvard University in 2001.