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Urania Berlin, June 6-7, 2011

Free as in free beer access to Apache Hadoop cluster

This year at BerlinBuzzwords we will for the first time be able to offer Hadoop access to all attendees of the conference for free. Provided by German BigData Hosting Provider Zillion:One, the cluster will feature the Hadoop RC1 from earlier this month, a release candidate of the next Hadoop release. Hadoop consists of the Distributed File System (HDFS) and the MapReduce application environment atop of it.

Conference guests are able to test drive their own jobs spinning 30 MapReduce workers and make use of a total net storage space of 6.63 TB.

The Hadoop cluster is also available to hackathons and workshops taking place around the conference. Organisers please get in touch with Bernd Fondermann for instructions on how to get access.

User can make use of this 6 machine Hadoop setup by downloading a preconfigured Hadoop client or Apache Pig, a scripting language to create MR jobs. Bernd Fondermann from Zillion:One (Contact: or is standing by at the conference to help users who are new to Hadoop and MapReduce.

Updates about the cluster will be tweeted at @zillion_one.

Happy Hacking and Thank You to Bernd.